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Bina Usada Bali Institute of Health Sciences is an accredited private health education institution established in 2007 offering a 5 year(10 semester) Bachelors degree in Nursing.

STIKES Bina Usada Bali is committed to excellence in education, graduating qualified nurses who can serve their community well. The Nursing program applies the Competency Based Curriculum (KBK) where there are two stages of the education, namely the academic program stage and the professional program stage. Length of education 10 (ten) semesters consisting of 8 (eight) semesters of academic programs and 2 (two) semesters of professional programs.


Our building is equipped with various facilities in the form of lecture rooms, health laboratories, language laboratories and computers, libraries, halls and meeting rooms.


We also have a service clinic that serves the community. This clinic consists of an emergency room, maternity room, postpartum room, child care room, internal medicine room, family planning room, waiting room and nurse station . In addition to providing health services, this clinic also facilitates students in the learning process by providing land as a place of practice.

The Nursing Journal

The CARING Journal ( Center of Research Publication in Midwifery and Nursing ) is an official scientific publication media published by Stikes Bina Usada Bali as a vehicle for ideas, innovations, and new hypotheses in nursing and midwifery.

The E-Library

To serve our students we have established an E-Library where students can access books and periodicals.


STIKES Bina Usada Bali is accredited by the Department of Education. Click below to view and download our various accreditations: