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Live close to the beach


​Bina Usada Bali is situated in Dalung about 8 km from the popular Canggu Beach, famous for its year around surf.

Canggu has many cafes and restaurants and attract young people from around the world. You will also find many hostels, homestays and guest houses in the area. We have partnered with some of them, to make sure you get a good, safe and easy start of your semester.

For the first 4 weeks(30 days) you will share accommodation with other international students in the program. We cannot guarantee which guest house or hostel you will be staying in as it will vary from semester to semester. The cost of accommodation for the first 30 days is USD 500. It is mandatory for all students in the program.

If you come with a friend we will do our best to accommodate you so that you can share room. If you prefer a single room we will arrange for that. The additional cost is USD 200.

Once you have settled in we will introduce you to some of our local partners that help students find villas and other options if you prefer to move out of the guest house after the first 4 weeks.

We provide a free shuttle from Canggu and back and forth to the college.