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Practical information

Below we will find important information about steps you have to take in preparation for a semester in Bali and we will  try to answer many of the questions you as an international students may have prior to coming here.


Why students come to Bali

Petra, Germany

After Graduation I want o seek an international career with and NGO maybe in Asia or Africa. I believe a semester in Bali will give my career a head start in that direction.

Julie, United States

I have always dreamt of going to Bali and this was a unique opportunity to both study and travel to this amazing place.

John, Australia

I wanted to broaden my knowledge about Tropical Medicine. What better place on the planet to do it, than right here in Bali?



  • The tuition for one semester (30 ECTS credits) is USD 5 500.

  • If you come to us via a partner institution you will receive a scholarship normally bringing the tuition down to USD 2200 for one semester.

  • If your institution does not have a partnership agreement with us, you should encourage your international office to get in touch. If you become the first student from your school that comes through an agreement you will get an additional scholarship of USD 1000, bringing the tuition for one semester down to USD 1 200. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Credit transfer

In Indonesia one full semester of study is normally 20 SKS(can be up to 24) delivered over a period of 16 weeks. For each SKS there shall be 4 sessions of teaching of 50 minutes each.  Which means that 20 SKS will entail a total of 80, 50 minute sessions over the course of the semester. In addition to this the students are expected to read course litteratur, do assignments, field visits etc.

Upon completion of your program we will issue a transcript that shows the number various courses you have completed and their SKS. If your institution requires we can issue additional documentation to demonstrate how our credits compare with the European Credit Transfer System(ECTS).

You should always consult with your school and get their approval on credit transfer, before you enroll in our program to ensure the credits will be transferred at your home institution.

Financing and scholarships

Depending on which country you come from you can apply for both private and government grants. You should check with the international office of your school to get more information about how you can apply for financial aid and additional scholarship to pay for your tuition and travel costs.

Important dates



1st June            Application deadline Fall Semester

1st July             Deadline for payment of tuition

26th August    Program start

12th Dec          Program end

1st November Application Deadline Spring Semester

1st December Deadline for payment of tuition


3rd Feb           Program start Spring Semester

1st June           Application deadline Fall Semester

1st July            Deadline for payment of tuition

24th Aug         Program start

10th Dec         Program end

1st November Application Deadline Spring Semester

1st December Deadline for payment of tuition

How to apply

To qualify you will have to have completed at least one year of a nursing degree or other relevant health education. We will consider a number of health education as relevant and suggest you apply and we will consider your eligibility for the program based on your back ground.


It is very easy to apply. Just click on the "Apply now" button and fill in our online application form and submit required documents. There is a non- refundable application fee of USD 50.

Student visa

All foreign students who plan to stay in Indonesia for more than one month must obtain a student visa. We will issue a sponsor letter that you can bring to the embassy in your home country to obtain your visa. We advise that you apply for your visa at least one month prior to arrival and that you do not book your flight until you  have the visa.


Other costs



Depends on which passport you are holding. By the following you will find the links to the different embassies.

  • Germany

  • Australia

  • New Zealand


Usually somewhere between 800-1100$, depending on the Airline and the date of booking. 


The agony of choice might describes it the best. In Bali you can find uncountable options for living. Keep it simple and join a Homestay/single Apartment or rent a luxury villa with pool together with other students.

  • Homestays & Apartments are between 150-300$

  • Luxury Villas starting from 300$ without limit


Bali has a huge range of local delights but also reams of western style restaurants which leaves no whishes open. But also here the range of money you can spend is huge.

  • Local Warung & Street food, from 1 - 4$ per meal

  • Western style restaurants, from 5$ without limit


Mind that Bali has no public transportation as you know it from your country. The most popular ways of getting from A to B are renting a Scooter or Taxis.

  • Scooter between 55$-110$ / month (comes with a helmet but we recommend to buy a certificated full-faced helmet

  • Helmet 20-25$

  • Taxi from 1-10$ / ride

Extracurricular activities

As you can imagine, there are plenty ways to spend your spare time. We will list you the most popular ones to give you a brief idea.

  • Surfing

  • Yoga

  • Gym

  • Football

More information

You may have a lot of other questions related to health, insurance traveling with family and so forth. Go to Frequently Asked Questions for more information and if you do not find it there you are always welcome to contact us and we will do our best to answer any question you may have.